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Devotion time…trying to change it up. So began just searching  for something…anything.
Found this and love these ideas: 
She includes ways to keep a journal…prayer in particular, but could apply to any kind. She also includes links to printable journals, if you don’t want to use a blank one. 
We watched the Lord of the Ring Trilogy again (many times we have watched it)
Loved this when I heard it:
  • End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.
  • What? Gandalf? See what?
  • White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.
  • Well, that isn’t so bad.
  • No. No, it isn’t

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” 

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Okay sit down and stop everything for just a moment. You may want to grab a mug of coffee too!

…..This is a MUST watch!

This is a new ad that will air on the Super Bowl. Yes it’s Budweiser, but really they make the BEST commercials ever. I LOVE LOVE horses, and then add a puppy…well it’s adorable…really it is.


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Links and more links

Links….REALLY great links are found below. Awesome articles!!

Make Time Make Your Marriage Work!: http://magazine.foxnews.com/love/make-time-make-your-marriage-work

30 Compliments That Make Your Partner’s Day!: http://magazine.foxnews.com/love/30-compliments-will-make-your-partners-day?intcmp=HPBucket

Kid President: his video is here and he is awesome!! I think HE would make a better President!

And one more: (I normally do NOT like the Huffingtonpost, but this article is right on:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/karl-a-pillemer-phd/marriage-advice_b_4670900.html

…..on the left side, you may have noticed I follow a variety of blogs…okay a LOT of blogs. They cover a variety of topics, mostly adoption and home decor. They are all worth checking out if you so inclined. One of my favorites it Thistlewood Farm. She has THE BEST on DYI home decor, they bought an older farmhouse and have done a re-do, and it is jaw-dropping gorgeous. Better Homes and Garden just did a photo shoot there. Okay, 2 of my favorites, another is also No Greater Joy Mom…hers is mostly on adoption, and advocating for special needs in other countries. Her family’s story is just awesome. 
Both blogs are listed on the left (in alphabetical order). Enjoy.

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Questions and Answers

Okay, so I saw this going around some blogs, so decided to try my hand at it, so here it goes! 

Listening to: Talk Radio- specifically “The Blaze” (love current events, politics)

Reading: Just finished “Paramedic to the Prince: An American Paramedic’s Account of Life Inside the Mysterious World Of of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, now starting “For the Love of a Son” by Jean Sasson. Love her books about the Middle East. She wrote the “Princess” series

Drinking: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee (throw In a Peppermint Mocha Frappachino in there once in a while!)

Recovering From: This non-stop snow and cold!! Though it’s hard when more is in the forcast

Hitting My Head From: That is I had checked my ipad calendar FIRST, I would have known that the baby shower wasn’t today, but next week. Duh!

Avoiding: Painting my living room and kitchen walls

Planning: Planning on how to incorporate businesses with $$ in my blog

Eating: Trail Mix

Debating: on whether to start quilting or start my new counted cross-stitch picture

Laughing at: Some of the blogs I read.

Reminding Myself of: How totally wonderful and blessed my life is.

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The Year 2014

Came across a blog, she shared instead of resolutions, to pick a word to describe the new year. 

A word or words…
    ……………claim it!

    ………………… Introspection and Resolute. Closer to my God. My Words. This year. 2014.

A year of introspection, but not just sitting and thinking. Thinking yes. Praying yes. But as each thought comes into focus. Focus. It must come to a focus point. Introspection for what I am to do, what I am to be, then action steps to take.


To be resolute in what I am to be this year. I am already beginning to see some things coming into focus.
Those I’ll share in another post.

Must also include: This Christmas, the whole holiday season, though it passed so incredibly quickly. A season of joy and happiness and thankfulness. Loved, Loved Wayne’s time off. Also the 3 extra days due to an ice storm and incredible cold and tons of snow! 

………this was the year of our 39th wedding anniversary. This time passes so quickly. Wouldn’t trade any of the years for anything! Awesome husband I do have.

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Hall Family Down Memory Lane Video

Grandpa Ed Hall’s Birthday Celebration and Family Reunion
Summer of 2002

The first part of the video is of Kaytlynn at the reunion, if you advance the video to 4:27 you will see Ed and Ruby Hall

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Christmas Wreath Crafting

I love, love Christmas magazines, idea books and cookbooks. I picked up last week the Gooseberry Patch  Christmas 2013!! Wow! love it.  Soooo, when I saw on page 35 the Snowman Wreath, decide I had to try to make this.

The photos below are the wreath pictured in Gooseberry Patch. The next photo is the first snowman I’m making.

I will post photos of completed wreath!!!  Love love Christmas!!

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