Spring, April and Updates!

Welcome to Spring!

Since my last post in February, much has happened. The busyness of life sometimes just interferes with blog postings..the posts end up on a” back shelf” …waiting for me to get back to it! I’m back to it now!

In February we made a last minute decision to “get out of Dodge”. Sick of the cold and snow, we drove to Florida for a quick 4 day stay there. Worth all the driving. The 4 days were wonderful. We did have one day of mostly rain. But otherwise sunny and 80. Even the rainy day was 70 and we still did a lot of eating and shopping. Stayed at one of the Disney resorts and just loved sitting by the pool at the table and enjoying the sun shine.

Did I mention we indulged in Ghirardelli Sundaes…totally. We made those lovely sundaes our lunch, enjoyed it so much. The next day we came back and ordered them all again that days lunch! Totally lovely, enjoying our ice cream as we sat at the outdoor cafe, enjoying the warmth and sunshine! (The photo below is one of our “ice cream lunches”)IMG_2173.jpg







In Michigan Spring has finally arrived. We have had many warm days…actually earlier than normal, so trees, etc have bloomed a bit early. It’s just lovely! We have even mowed the yard already, because of hubbies early fertilizing, grass grew quickly and thick!




We are still working on replacing all our trim  with the wider white trim. We love the look more and more!

Hubby and I have been taking online courses, which has slowed the trim updating. We are loving our online classes, it sure stretches one’s mind! He is updating his teaching certificate and I’m taking a course in HTML5 and CSS programming.

Coming in Future Posts:

  • New deck look
  • Fire Pit
  • Book Reviews
  • New Recipes




Do you like celebrating Valentine’s Day? Even if you don’t have a special someone, you can make it a fun day!

I’ve gathered some great Valentine’s Day links you might enjoy exploring!

Layered Cherry Cheesecake from Lilmoocreations  A dessert I’m planning on making!!!

Cherry Pie Heart Pops  Are these fun and cute or what!???


The following are easy dinners to make!!

Meatballs with Ricotta and Marinara from Mennonite Girls Can Cook   Does this look delish?!! or what!

Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes Okay this would be good enough ANYTIME!

Meatballs wrapped in puff pastry and cheese  A video with all the “how-tos” THIS..is to  die for…this is on my “to make” list. When my husband saw he thought it looked great

Crafts Anyone??

Valentine Fortune Cookies Craft From A Thrifty Mom

A Valentine Craft Fortune Cookie, but a free printable

Valentine’s Day Crafts from My Sweet Savannah Crafts are so fun!

New and Improved Recipe Blog and Book Reviews

New for 2017 is my updated, redesigned Recipe Blog. See the link for the Recipe Blog at the top of this page. I’ve added new recipes and will be adding more through February.

Now onto my book reviews! I received two books at Christmas. Ones that I asked for and I LOVE both of them.

The first one is “Walking Butterly”. I can’t recommend it highly enough!! So well written and life changing! I follow her blog at Recovering Church Lady, her blog is wonderful…as you can tell by the title! Her writings, her thoughts, her sharing always touches my soul. Encourages me to grow in my Faith!


The second book is “Rare Bird: A Memoir of Loss and Love”…I’m about half way through it and again so well written. Again, I follow her blog also, An Inch of Gray..excellent!!


Love that it is now February! A short month and then March. Here in snowy, winter country…counting down to Spring is all important!

Check back more recipes coming and another review, but not another book!!

**NOTE: Please take my Recipe Poll new the top of the blog on the right! Would love your input!!


3 of My Favorite Things. Christmas Movies, and a free printable!

Our fireplace decorated and ready for a warm crackling fire!

A little fun post…have seen this going around so thought I would play along.

1.My 3 favorite books (besides the Bible)(truly impossible to narrow down to 3 books. I have read SO many that have touched me or are just plain good reading. I love biographies, fiction, non-fiction, politics, history)

  • Little House books ALWAYS my Favorite
  • I Have Lived a Thousand Years
  • Alicia: My Story

2: My 3 favorite TV Shows  (we don’t watch many tv shows, these are the only ones usually)

  • Alaska The Last Frontier
  • Sue: Life Below Zero
  • The Blaze

3: My 3 favorite famous people. (really…there are so many more I would love to sit down and talk with.

  • Dolly Pardon
  • Glenn Beck
  • Franklin Graham in a tie with Rabbi Lapin

4: My 3 favorite types of footwear

  • My new tennis shoes
  • My comfy fashion boots
  • Slippers (l live in these in the winter!!!)

4. My 3  or 15 or 20 favorite Christmas Movies *THAT is hard..we start watching our collection of Christmas movies Thanksgiving Weekend…we have a LOT and love them all!

  • Wonderful Life
  • The Christmas Box / Time Piece
  • Christmas Visitor
    • ***At the end of this I will post ALL the movies we watch at Christmas, just in      case you need some ideas!

5: My 3 favorite pieces candy (I don’t eat much candy, NOT because I don’t like it though)

  • Turtles
  • Ghirardelli
  • Twix

6. My 3 favorite dining out places

  • Olive Garden
  • Logans Steakhouse – who can’t love the 2 full meals for $15.99 YUM
  • Panera Bread

But seriously can YOU narrow it down to 3? 🙂

7. My 3  favorite hobbies

  • Remodeling
  • Painting furniture and walls LOL
  • Crocheting and sewing
  • WAIT….I have to add reading…love books!

8. My 3 favorite places to visit

  • Disney World!! (Our favorite vacation spot, we try to get there every 4 years. So much to do and lovely dining)
  • Smokey Mountains (Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg – the fires there broke my heart)
  • Downtown Chicago (love the views, Navy Pier, shopping, Cheesecake Factory, and sightseeing!)

*** Below is our list of Christmas Movies  

(Note –  all of them I listed are GOOD! But the starred ones I’m really recommending especially because they might not be as well known)
  • Family Man  **
  • Elf 
  • The Christmas Card  **
  • The Christmas Choir **
  • A Time to Remember
  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  • Santa Clause I
  • Santa Clause II
  • Santa Clause III
  • Home Alone I
  • Home Alone II
  • The Christmas Box / The Time Piece **
  • A Christmas Visitor **
  • Borrowed Hearts
  • A Dog Names Christmas **
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • The Christmas Miracle **
  • What If?
  • A Christmas Carol (with George C. Scot…the BEST one) **
  • The Grinch (with Jim Carry)
  • The Christmas Ornament
  • National Lampoon Christmas Vacation
  • Preacher’s Wife (with Whitney Houston)
  • A Very Merry Mix-Up **
  • One Christmas
  • Trading Christmas
  • Lucky Christmas

…and this is NOT the complete list..since we have the “Feeln” channel this year and have new ones to add for next year! 🙂 Happy viewing!

I found this free printable. Prints out beautifully, I have it framed and on one of my shelves above our TV, framed it in a white frame! Go to this blog for her lovely printable at full size: Deliciouslyyum.com/merry-christmas/


May your Christmas shopping list be almost complete, and your Christmas baking be filling your home with delicious smells (and eating!)

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