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January is a month of change. Changing the hosting of my blog, the look of my blog,the purpose of the blog, and more postings coming in 2016! See you soon!

Favorite Bloggers

Some time ago I had posted some of my favorite blogs I follow. They are such a “mish mash” of blogs! I’m going to post the links to some of my favorites. They cover a myriad of subjects. I love the down-to-earth bloggers, with down-to-earth Faith, love of God, you know people who are finding their way in life like we all are, and ones that have a sense of humor along life’s road.

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Free Printables and a survey!

I’m determined…did I say “determined” to post more often. We have gotten so busy the last few months, I’m behind again.

First sharing free printable I have found. The first is Pantry Labels I have used last month when I re-organized my pantry and put most staples in glass or plastic containers. I LOVE the “chalkboard” look labels and they are the ones I used! There is also blank ones to create your own labels for what you need. Pantry Labels from World Labels
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The Mouse and Three Things!!

In August we headed to Florida to visit THE MOUSE!  Yes Disney World! Had a wonderful vacation to Disney World! We always love visiting “The Mouse”!!  Loved the shows, the rides, the experience and the food. Dining at Disney is as fun as the rides etc!

Below are a FEW of the photos we took!  The time there passed very fast! And yes going in August it is HOT HOT HOT!

The water rides are required! LOL!
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Colorado and Grandkids/family


This Matt and Battle (the dog) napping after moving in their new home on base in Colorado Springs!!!!!

We drove to Colorado to help Matt, Sherry and kiddos move into their new home a few weeks back!! Great trip! Love seeing everyone and of course time spent with the grandkids, Kaytlynn, Carson, Severia, and Sadie is always GREAT!!!

They have a view of the mountains from their home and Colorado Springs is a pretty and VERY spread out town. LARGE! Looks like much to offer a family!

We planned on trying some tent camping during our stay in Colorado Springs.
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Summer Days

I am behind in my postings. Have been chiding myself the last couple of weeks to “get back to it!”, but as it goes with everyone…some things just get pushed to the side on busy days. This morning, I even told my self, “you must sit down and write a post..even if it’s short”…but the day went on…UNTIL I got an email from a special person (whom I have reunited with after many many years!) that said in it she enjoys my blog…so that was just the push I needed!!!
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Walks, Sea Gulls, Sun and Lake MI!! (also a recipe review)

AAAAhhhhhhh….back to summer rituals! Walking the boardwalk and the pier to the lighthouse everyday. Right now we are walking in the evenings right after dinner. But once Wayne is done with school, it becomes a morning ritual of starting the day, chatting and absorbing in nature and the presence of God. We are morning people…early morning people. We are usually down at the pier walking by 6:30 or 7:00 am. There is just something about starting the day with the sunshine on you, the sea gulls circling and squawking, the water sloshing against the pier and beach that just makes for a great start. Read More

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