The year 2020. Stunning. Impossible. How has time passed so quickly?! A year yet to be written.

Have you thought how you are going to “write” your year? How it will be lived?

I’m not talking of resolutions. I’m talking of taking planned and definite steps in your journey , in your life.  That’s my journey now. Planning on making definite steps, putting together a mission statement for our year. I’ll share that on another post once I have focused in on what exactly it will be. This is NOT as easy process, also very stretching to carry it out and to bring along on my journey.

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Three, Three, Three..TOP Three!

Going around on social media is the listing of your top 3 things, on a variety of subjects. I decided to play along. Mine are below. Wow is it hard to narrow done to only 3 things!!!

Call the Midwife
When Calls the Heart
Downton Abbey (when it was on TV) Read More

This and That

After a long hiatus from posting…I’m back.

This spring brought a desperately needed, heart mending and a soul refresher time. Summer is bringing a continuing of heart healing and of growth.

So I’m back to the blog with a bounce in my step.  Also since I’m in a soul refresher time, I refreshed my blog with a bit of an updated look!!

This spring and summer we have worked much in our yard. Flowers and plants and trees have grown, and the green growth is thick this year from a cool and very wet spring.

Blooming flower by my fence











Loving our deck, the pillow says it all!!

I have found some great buys and that I want to share:

This Spring Bamboo plant is SO life like and I found it at 50% off in the store at Jo-Anne’s. It is beautiful and just the right size at 16 inches. Here is the link if you want to buy it online:  Fresh-Picked Life Like Spring Bamboo plant 
16393050 (1)

Next on the list: I need just a little something for the long sofa table behind our sofa. I have two lamps on it, but just needed a little bit more. Found these items at Hobby Lobby…used my gift card!! Love the look of the bird…kind of “rough”  with the look of hand carved from wood. And then these two stones, which reflect the “season” we walked through.. All on sale!







In the mist of all of this, we are enjoying our time with our grand kids…missing our oldest, but she will be arriving later this summer for a visit. We have been busy with many activities and summer projects

  • updating our landscaping
  • delivery of a load of mulch
  • planting flowers
  • a “dreaded’ garage sale, only one day but worth it.
  • major garage clean out
  • purchase of a new garage door, will be delivered next week.
  • installing new garage door
  • power washing outside of house
  • downsizing in many rooms – spring cleaning and sorting still continuing!

The to-do list is NOT finished yet!

Next posting will be sharing a recipe or two. Along with photos of the summer.

Two Easy Recipes!

Do you ever have days where it feels like you are cooking the same ol’ things all the time but you want something easy… EASY…but satisfying but yet different than the “regulars”. That’s where I was a few days ago.  SOOO I made a wonderful, satisfying quiche.

photo courtesy of allrecipes.com  (since I forgot to take photo!)

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