Landscaping, flowers and bloomin’ lilacs!!


What is not to love about Lilacs..Ours have finally bloomed and the aroma is amazing.

Have moved them around to different rooms in the house, just so I can enjoy them all over!!

Okay…spring also means updating and adding to our landscaping.

These are photos of the house a few years back.

We are redoing some of our landscaping, pruning out and thinning out some plantings

Adding more flowering perennials and scrubs!!

Before photos below(after will be posted soon!)

Those unsightly lilacs at the corner of the house were carefully pruned (actually chopped!) down (a few years ago) and are now growing in thick and nice!
Side of the deck, love the hostas, will be adding more flowers
This too is an area we will be working on – thinning out, but love how the ground cover has grown in thickly and over hanging edge of landscape stones!! That we will keep!!


Love my Korean Spice bush. The white blooms are amazing in the Spring. One of my retirement gifts from my awesome peeps from work!!

Memorial Day Ideas

oops updating…Have you tried the new mini Frapps at Starbucks…not much cheaper than a tall but I LOVE them. Just my size and love the look of the little cup!


I have been spending some  okay a lot of time on Pinterest and the net, checking out ideas for Memorial Day…either food or crafts or some thing to make. These just caught my eye and thought I would share. May Memorial Day be a time for your family to honor those who have fought for our country and remembering relatives and friends that have passed on. I know our family decorates graves of loved ones for Memorial Day and it means much to remember and honor them.

Here are some links I’ve found, with photos.





Recipe Blog Moved to WordPress

See the top navigation link to the updated “Hall’s Favorite Recipe” Blog!

May click here too: Hall’s Favorite Recipe Blog

New Recipe Added!

Posted a new recipe on my “Hall’s Favorite Recipe” page.

 I have made it many times and the whole family loves it!

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas!  Enjoy!!

Please Note: I will be moving the Recipe Blog to WordPress within the next week.

I will update when it is moved over,

AND as a side note: I will be making those Enchiladas for tonight’s dinner!

Baby Quilt ….done! New quilt coming!

Finished the baby crib quilt that I had posted about in an earlier post, with fabric samples I was narrowing down to use in the quilt! This is a Rag Edge Quilt and I loved making it! The nursery has light gray walls, with lavender and teal accents.

(click on photos to enlarge)

The second photo is a close up to view the “rag edges” that gives the quilt such a unique look

quilt 1b
quilt 2jj

Here is the next quilt pattern I might try! I do like the colors in this pattern, though the red doesn’t go in the room I’m thinking of using it in, but then again I may just use the red to “pop” a color in the room,,, I just may end up like it! The pattern for this quilt is called “Windmills at Night”. 


New Grandbaby, Spring, and a New Chapter Beginning Soon!

Wow so much change in a short time!

New granddaugher Adalynn Grayce arrived on April 2 after a quick delivery

Adalynn Grayce
Klara's 5th Birthday
Big sister Klara’s 5th Birthday and cake and Adalyn at 8 days old sleeping through the party!

And FINALLY after a long, long, cold, and very snowy long lasting winter, Spring has arrived! Trees, plants and flowers blooming and green green grass. Warmer temps and more sunshine!  Just can’t get enought!!

And plans…such plans…our “to do” list keeps getting longer for the summer!, But planning out some ideas for the backyard, painting our kitchen island to name a few!

And one of the biggest changes….Wayne is retiring…we both are so excited for the next chapter in our lives. It’s not an ending…but a beginning, new events, travel, and of trying new things,  re-do of some decor inside the house, writing, and mornings sitting and chatting over coffee ( YES I have one of those husbands who loves to do that) wonderful things!  I retired early two years ago and it’s been wonderful and soo I know it will only get better with Wayne enjoying it too!


Patience is hard to come by…waiting for the new grandbaby to arrive. Today is Monday, we thought there were definite “signs” that yesterday (Sunday) we could be heading to the hospital….but the little granddaughter had other ideas…staying nestled in for a while longer!

In the process of finishing the baby quilt.  In the beginning I went with one lady’s instructions I found…had a TON of trouble getting it to sew right, look right and lay right…when my frustration level reached it’s peak. I went back on the net and searched some more. Maybe just maybe, someone else had a better way of making this rag edge quilt. Found it!! Another gal (with opposite instructions) nailed it! So completely started over and boy is it going smoother and a better look. Thank goodness I decided to not struggle along and try to complete the quilt. Though a hassle to start over….very worth it. I just hate using a seam ripper and taking out ALL those stitches.

Spring is bring on many new projects, cleaning out many things, like closets, drawers and just getting rid of things that clutter. Which then began to draw me into myself….reflecting. what do I need to de-clutter in my mind, life etc.  Scriptures are helping and self analyzing. Hard to realize when you think about things, all the things that need to change..inside of one’s self.  And along with that comes growth…and seeking of what I am to do as service. I will be ending my year as SDMI (Sunday School)  President at church.  Wayne and I have spent times in discussion and prayer….where do we serve?  What areas?  Is some of that outside the church? If so where?  Spring brings much renewal to the earth and to people!

We are VERY excited about the new stage of life coming in June. Wayne’s retirement will bring a time of energy and seeking where we can serve. June ….here we come!!

The Life and Times of January 2015!

Christmas 2014 is in the books and a wonderful Christmas it was. 

 January 2015 has begun and nearly ending…the days are flying by. We may….probably…..WILL have an announcement in February!!!!! ….which means I WE can’t wait until SUMMER 2015!!!

BEFORE I get into my projects that are in process.. Grab a cup of tea.and sit and you watch Downton Abby???   Riveting…draws me in…but also drives me crazy…Okay this past Sunday…so “Grandmama” is not so proper? What is THAT story of her past….all started with a fan…a prince YIKES!!

Okay back to my projects.

Here are the two projects in the works.. First making a crib quilt for the new grand-baby’s nursery. The nursery colors are Gray, Lavender and Teal. I will be making a Rag Edge Quilt, I’ve see so many cute quilts made like this!! I planned on using all 3 colors in the quilt. But as I’m cutting out all the colors I bought, laying them out together, now rethinking that. Here are the 3 photos of the squares of material (the nursery has light gray walls, with Lavender and Teal accents. White rug on floor Top left photo shows Lavendar material with gray polka-dot material, top right photo is all the material colors, Lavender, gray, and teals.The left shows just the Lavender materials.The middle Lavender, Gray and Teal, and Right is just Lavender only. I’m now wondering if all the colors are too busy…go with just Lavender?  Maybe with gray added? Please leave your comments and vote for which one you like!   

13275-img_09135b15d     7ddbb-img_09145b15d     f45a7-img_09125b15d

 Second Project Painting and re-doing my sewing/craft room.  I’m painted the walls a light gray. Then we are going to have white skirting just a little below half way down the walls, also white trim.Here is photo with is similar that we are going to do. My gray paint will be lighter than in the photo. Can’t wait for the transformation!! UPDATE…changed my mind…not using gray…see second image below. I’m now going to go navy blue on the upper walls, with white skirting still on the bottom, but the white skirting will come up a little over half way up.  Can’t wait!! Just love the bold color of the navy blue!



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Merry Merry Christmas 2014!!!!

Merry Christmas 2014!! And a wonderful New Year..2015!!

We had a wonderful and busy Christmas. Matt and family here from Texas, Sarah, Kacey and Klara and Stephanie and with 5 grandkiddos, it was a busy time full of crafts, coloring, cookie making, toy playing. Christmas morning with a breakfast and opening of stockings and then heading to the tree downstairs, a crackling fire in the fireplace and the kids having a great time opening their presents.  The adults loved opening their gifts too!!  Loved all the gifts I received…they were just wonderful!! Posting some pics of the festivities:

(click on photo to enlarge)

Visiting Nanny in E. Lansing at the mall

l to R Matt, Sadie, Nanny, Carson

Gramma Kathy and Severia
Lunch at the Spartan Cafe, Matt, Sarah etc.
Making Christmas Cookies
Texas grandkiddos – Severia, Kaytlynn, Carson and Sadie

Bucket List Before 60…Okay Before 65

REALLY wish I had thought of this before 50, actually before 40 would have been good too!  As I was reading the blogs I follow, one stood out today…she gave her list of things she wanted to do before her bday that was coming up in a year. Soooo…

Bucket list of things to do or experience before 60!:

  • Take a long long bike ride
  • become more toned
  • pay off the house
  • try a Zip Line
  • begin writing..real writing (have a book in mind)
  • pay it forward
  • leave a 100% tip for super excellent service
  • re-do our bedroom
  • invite more people over
  • run a marathon
  • a trip to Mackinaw Island
  • attend another Broadway Theater show
  • read at least 12 books a year (getting close to that!)
  • sit on the beach as the sun goes down
  • try a new food that I have never eaten before (have no idea what that would be!)
  • plan more picnics
  • Try more NEW recipes
  • Go Kayaking
  • Go horseback riding….again

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From blogger:

"How to not sing with your hands raised and still love Jesus"

Found this blog. Love it, love it is all I’ve got to say!
“How Not to Sing With Hands Raised, but Still Love Jesus”

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2 New Recipes Added!!!

Please check out my Hall’s Recipe Blog, which is just a hop and a skip over on the left of this, or just click on this: 
Hall’s Favorite Recipes


I have just posted 2 NEW recipes. Both tried and both have a thumbs up and very delicious!!!

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