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UPDATING early 2019! More books and reviews coming!!

These are books that I have read. I will give the title, author and a short review.

Alicia: My Story  by Alicia Appleman  – First hand account about her survival during the Holocaust. At 13 years young she endures and sees such atrocities. How she survives by wit and shear courage keeps you riveted as you read her story. One of my top favorite books.

The Princess Trilogy: Princess; Princess Sultana’s Daughters; Princess Sultana’s Circle by Jean Sasson – The first hand account of one of the princess’s in the Saudie Arabian Royal family. Though has untold riches, her life is still controlled by men and no freedom. A gripping story (all 3 books) of her life and her daughters.

The Orchard Children –  by Rachel Maddux – Beautifully written, a wonderful writer. A Story of a couple moving from CA to Tenn for a simpler life. Find themselves bringing in two young children, who parents abandon them, becoming a family, then a court battle to try to win custody.

A Child Named It:One Child’s Courage to Survive, The Lost Boy, A Man Named David (3 books a series)- by David Pelzer – True stories that David Pelzer shares about his life. One of the most severe child abuse stories in California history. His courage and determination to live, even as a little boy, is a story of survival.

The Suitcases – by Ann Hall Whitt – Written in first hand account, the true story of Ann and her two sisters that are put in the foster care system and their struggle for survival and the family that rescued them. Begins in 1936 during the great Depression You cry and rejoice reading this book.

The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears. by Mark Batterson – I think one of the best books I’ve have read on prayer. Easy to read, down to earth and so uplifting. I have learned so much from his insight.

Karen and the sequel With Love from Karen by Marie Killilea – Karen was born early and has Cerebral Palsy. Though it took place in the 40’s through 60’s…a wonderful read, a fascinating family, a family with great faith. Marie is a wonderful author and draws you into their story and life.

I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in the Holocaust by Livia Bitton-Jackson
One of my favorite books because it shows the strength, courage, smarts and love that this young girl showed to survive being a Jew during the holocaust. Excellent writer! Grips you from the beginning to end.

Night by Elie Wiesel – Another Holocaust story of a young boy and his survival. Darker story, twists your heart.

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