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The Mouse and Three Things!!

In August we headed to Florida to visit THE MOUSE!  Yes Disney World! Had a wonderful vacation to Disney World! We always love visiting “The Mouse”!!  Loved the shows, the rides, the experience and the food. Dining at Disney is as fun as the… Continue Reading “The Mouse and Three Things!!”

Colorado and Grandkids/family

This Matt and Battle (the dog) napping after moving in their new home on base in Colorado Springs!!!!! We drove to Colorado to help Matt, Sherry and kiddos move into their new home a few weeks back!! Great trip! Love seeing everyone and of… Continue Reading “Colorado and Grandkids/family”

Summer Days

I am behind in my postings. Have been chiding myself the last couple of weeks to “get back to it!”, but as it goes with everyone…some things just get pushed to the side on busy days. This morning, I even told my self, “you… Continue Reading “Summer Days”

Walks, Sea Gulls, Sun and Lake MI!! (also a recipe review)

AAAAhhhhhhh….back to summer rituals! Walking the boardwalk and the pier to the lighthouse everyday. Right now we are walking in the evenings right after dinner. But once Wayne is done with school, it becomes a morning ritual of starting the day, chatting and absorbing in… Continue Reading “Walks, Sea Gulls, Sun and Lake MI!! (also a recipe review)”

Ribs, Dr. Pepper, Peaches, and 7 days

You say…what do Ribs, Dr. Pepper, and Peaches have in common?…Recipes…2 new recipes I’m will be trying this week. I follow a number of blogs and two postings this weekend included yummy recipes, and both from the SAME blog. The first is Dr. Pepper… Continue Reading “Ribs, Dr. Pepper, Peaches, and 7 days”

Landscaping, flowers and bloomin’ lilacs!!

What is not to love about Lilacs..Ours have finally bloomed and the aroma is amazing. Have moved them around to different rooms in the house, just so I can enjoy them all over!! Okay…spring also means updating and adding to our landscaping. These are photos of… Continue Reading “Landscaping, flowers and bloomin’ lilacs!!”

Memorial Day Ideas

oops updating…Have you tried the new mini Frapps at Starbucks…not much cheaper than a tall but I LOVE them. Just my size and love the look of the little cup! I have been spending some  okay a lot of time on Pinterest and the… Continue Reading “Memorial Day Ideas”

Recipe Blog Moved to WordPress

See the top navigation link to the updated “Hall’s Favorite Recipe” Blog! May click here too: Hall’s Favorite Recipe Blog

New Recipe Added!

Posted a new recipe on my “Hall’s Favorite Recipe” page.  I have made it many times and the whole family loves it! Creamy Chicken Enchiladas!  Enjoy!! Please Note: I will be moving the Recipe Blog to WordPress within the next week. I will update… Continue Reading “New Recipe Added!”

Baby Quilt ….done! New quilt coming!

Finished the baby crib quilt that I had posted about in an earlier post, with fabric samples I was narrowing down to use in the quilt! This is a Rag Edge Quilt and I loved making it! The nursery has light gray walls, with lavender and… Continue Reading “Baby Quilt ….done! New quilt coming!”

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