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Books and a Recipe!

Books. Reading. Trying to  be more determined in my day/week to read and finish books on my “reading list”. Three I HIGHLY recommend! First, I’m just finishing “Tom’s Lists: 50  Commandments to Transform Your Life”…wow is it a great read. Seriously READ this book, it’s… Continue Reading “Books and a Recipe!”

My Projects and family photos!

So happy to be back blogging. Such a busy summer, though the to-do list is still on going. determined….I said determined LOL..I will be blogging at least twice a week. Many projects have been in the works and YES I have more in the… Continue Reading “My Projects and family photos!”

I’m Baaaaaack!

Again. Life happened. Days full and pressed together and just didn’t get a blog post written. A picture dump will be coming tomorrow. I’m getting photos ready and taking some of the finished projects. The kitchen island is finished. I also updated our honey-colored… Continue Reading “I’m Baaaaaack!”


Tomorrow…tomorrow another year to celebrate, another year to reflect on, another year to look forward to!! It seems stunning that so many years have passed. How can it be? I NEVER bemoan how old I am or the number of birthdays I celebrate. I… Continue Reading “Birthday!”