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I’m Baaaaaack!

Again. Life happened. Days full and pressed together and just didn’t get a blog post written. A picture dump will be coming tomorrow. I’m getting photos ready and taking some of the finished projects. The kitchen island is finished. I also updated our honey-colored… Continue Reading “I’m Baaaaaack!”


Tomorrow…tomorrow another year to celebrate, another year to reflect on, another year to look forward to!! It seems stunning that so many years have passed. How can it be? I NEVER bemoan how old I am or the number of birthdays I celebrate. I… Continue Reading “Birthday!”


What inspires you? Not on the regular days. What inspires you on “those” days. You know ….those days. Do you have days…you know, just awful days? Most people don’t admit it, but we all do. Days where either something has happened, unexpected and possibly… Continue Reading “Inspiration”

Spring Has Sprung…in the house, yard, and even the Deck!

  Spring always spurs my desire to clean out and organize closets, drawers and cupboards. I think the new life that is sprouting, the trees and shrubs that burst of color and the green grass after a drab winter makes me want to spruce… Continue Reading “Spring Has Sprung…in the house, yard, and even the Deck!”