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Previously on my blog I started each post with a scripture, quote…something inspiring. This song, this old hymn still is one of my favorites, speaks so clearly and strongly today. Just posting a few of the verses that especially speak to me. How Great… Continue Reading “”

AGAIN… a long break between posts!

So have been feeling “nudged” to get back into the blog and sharing posts….life, memories, and thoughts. Amazon. Why do I write AMAZON? Oh boy…it’s a lifesaver and a addicting shopping place! What deals…but oh so easy to just click, click and 2 days… Continue Reading “AGAIN… a long break between posts!”

Winter Wonderland

First, is a scripture that is near and dear to my heart. Those words: Fear not, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will you uphold you. What loving and encouraging words. The words “fear not” are in the KJV – 74… Continue Reading “Winter Wonderland”

New Year, New Intentions, New Purpose

With my new dedication to my blog, comes a purpose with it. Along with sharing of events, memories and goals in my life, I will be sharing of “treasures” of help, that has especially touched me, or came at a time in my life… Continue Reading “New Year, New Intentions, New Purpose”