New Kitchen!

We have a new kitchen!

New cabinets, new refrigerator, new range, new dishwasher, and new sink/faucet!

I was over the taupe paint color on our main level and our cabinets were yellowing along with the finish wearing off,  so as we explored how to change it all. With the kitchen cabinets, we decided to order darker cabinets called “Cherry Saddle” in a shaker style cabinet.  I know, I know…EVERYONE…well it  seems everyone goes for white cabinets. I have seen kitchens with white cabinets and they look lovely. But with our kitchen, our style, and our island, we decided we wanted to go darker. Which we LOVE. Photos below. These photos do not have the finished top of the cabinets, Wayne is in the process now of installing the crown molding on the tops .  Also under cabinet lighting will be installed this week.  This all was done with a huge savings in labor costs, since we did the whole kitchen ourselves. We gutted it all out and then Wayne did an amazing job installing the cabinets (with just a little help from me) and installing dishwasher, new sink and appliances.

I also re-painted the whole main level of our home, and including the upstairs hallway and the hallway leading to our lower level. The taupe is GONE, now the walls have a warm and blending greige paint color. I also painted the interior of the door going into the garage and the interior of the front door…a deep brown/black called “Espresso Bean”.  Which goes so well with the cabinets. We are so happy with it all!

New kitchen 1new kitchen 2

new kitchen 3

And yes in the second and third photo our cat Tazzie insisted on being part of the photo shoot! LOL!

When you have to gut your kitchen and remove everything from all the cupboards and drawers, it is a great time to downsize, thin out and just get rid of unneeded items that have accumulated  over time. I re-arranged my cupboards as I restocked them and really went through everything to downsize. I now have boxes of items to go to Goodwill! Just thinning things out and re-organizing helps make cooking and clean up so much easier!

Next post I’ll be sharing a new recipe and a few great links!


graphic from: knickoftime

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