The year 2020. Stunning. Impossible. How has time passed so quickly?! A year yet to be written.

Have you thought how you are going to “write” your year? How it will be lived?

I’m not talking of resolutions. I’m talking of taking planned and definite steps in your journey , in your life.  That’s my journey now. Planning on making definite steps, putting together a mission statement for our year. I’ll share that on another post once I have focused in on what exactly it will be. This is NOT as easy process, also very stretching to carry it out and to bring along on my journey.

Christmas 2019. I should say the holidays, since it started before Thanksgiving and the weeks into Christmas, busy with grandkids, shopping, cooking, baking, game playing, wrapping gifts and all the way until Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and our second Christmas celebration on New Years Day with our all grands, even 3 from MO (missing our oldest!). Seems like a blur now with so much packed in, but so much celebrating and enjoying with family!

A few photos of Christmas.

I put up two Christmas trees each year. This is in our lower level.
The second tree, a smaller one, in our living room
I made a play Market/Sweet Shoppe for our youngest granddaughters Christmas. gift. I sewed the top awning so the red/white pattern is for the market and flip it over for the pink/white sparkly stripes for the Sweet Shoppe! Below is the pretend sweets for the Sweet Shoppe. I found many DIY ways to make them. Fun!
Grands Addy (r) and Klara (l) making Christmas cookies



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