2019…What Word do You Claim for this Year?

You may have seen on Facebook, social media or blogs…people are claiming a “word” for the year 2019!  A word that will give you direction…a goal of sorts, a word for growth. I have chosen Joy. But the word itself encompasses more than just a word. To have Joy, to experience it, to claim it really takes more. AND it doesn’t mean “happy”.   To have true

joy means you have grasped, claimed and have a trust in God’s Word and His proclamation that HE is with you, loves you and has a plan. So this word “Joy” also includes Faith. To have Joy there must be Faith in what is unseen…THAT is and can be hard and stretches you beyond your own strength sometimes. So choosing Joy is not always going to be easy. No one is happy all the time. Not possible, in fact would be crazy to expect that. But even in those days and times, that are just not great, when there is a bad day or trying time… Joy can exist.


So Joy will be my continual goal for each day, month and this year.

I also see some people stating the day 12/365 as in day 12 of 365 this is what you are experiencing – so this day, day 12 painting the last doorway of trim in the house that we have changed to white, cleaning, laundry, exercise.,trip to the library and going to the Family YMCA open house 12/365. That is say 12.

I have tried new recipes over the holidays, will post and review in my next blog post.

Also a few book reviews coming, I received some books for Christmas, also some from the library!

I live in a mid-western state so we are experiencing a cold and cloudy time and I’m dreaming of spring and planting of flowers and getting all the landscaping beautiful again! I think I’m going to order some special seeds for planting come this spring!




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