Twelve Things…


Twelve Things:

  1. Arrived back from a wonderful vacation to Disney World. A wonderful time, hot, but was able to ride many of the rides multiple times! The new Avatar ride is an amazing immersive experience!
  2. Prayers continue…deeply for a family situation. Sometimes so hard to wait for God’s timing.
  3. Still in remodeling phase (will that EVER end LOL). We have completed the new white wide trim in the sewing room and guest bedroom. Also, walls painted with a new and fresh color and a new window installed in guest room. We are now working on our bedroom, new windows and new trim.
  4. Extremely thankful for the church we attend and our small group.
  5. Excited to try some new recipes (will post later on those)
  6. Putting a new cookbook together
  7. Trying to decide if I want to start a project with cross-stitch or sewing a quilt. ..decisions, decisions.
  8. On a new lower carb eating plan. Cannot totally eliminate bread too much 😊NO it’s not a diet…I don’t believe in diets,  they never work. Just better eating and we have upped our workouts.
  9. Hate the idea of summer on the way out…but looking forward to “autumn” type decor and eating.
  10. Yes, I have already bought some Christmas gifts.
  11. Shopping for new curtains for when our bedroom is done with new trim and newly painted walls!
  12. Praying much for the holidays and that the WHOLE family can be together this year. All the kids, and our grandkids!

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