New and Improved Recipe Blog and Book Reviews

New for 2017 is my updated, redesigned Recipe Blog. See the link for the Recipe Blog at the top of this page. I’ve added new recipes and will be adding more through February.

Now onto my book reviews! I received two books at Christmas. Ones that I asked for and I LOVE both of them.

The first one is “Walking Butterly”. I can’t recommend it highly enough!! So well written and life changing! I follow her blog at Recovering Church Lady, her blog is wonderful…as you can tell by the title! Her writings, her thoughts, her sharing always touches my soul. Encourages me to grow in my Faith!


The second book is “Rare Bird: A Memoir of Loss and Love”…I’m about half way through it and again so well written. Again, I follow her blog also, An Inch of Gray..excellent!!


Love that it is now February! A short month and then March. Here in snowy, winter country…counting down to Spring is all important!

Check back more recipes coming and another review, but not another book!!

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