3 of My Favorite Things. Christmas Movies, and a free printable!

Our fireplace decorated and ready for a warm crackling fire!

A little fun post…have seen this going around so thought I would play along.

1.My 3 favorite books (besides the Bible)(truly impossible to narrow down to 3 books. I have read SO many that have touched me or are just plain good reading. I love biographies, fiction, non-fiction, politics, history)

  • Little House books ALWAYS my Favorite
  • I Have Lived a Thousand Years
  • Alicia: My Story

2: My 3 favorite TV Shows  (we don’t watch many tv shows, these are the only ones usually)

  • Alaska The Last Frontier
  • Sue: Life Below Zero
  • The Blaze

3: My 3 favorite famous people. (really…there are so many more I would love to sit down and talk with.

  • Dolly Pardon
  • Glenn Beck
  • Franklin Graham in a tie with Rabbi Lapin

4: My 3 favorite types of footwear

  • My new tennis shoes
  • My comfy fashion boots
  • Slippers (l live in these in the winter!!!)

4. My 3  or 15 or 20 favorite Christmas Movies *THAT is hard..we start watching our collection of Christmas movies Thanksgiving Weekend…we have a LOT and love them all!

  • Wonderful Life
  • The Christmas Box / Time Piece
  • Christmas Visitor
    • ***At the end of this I will post ALL the movies we watch at Christmas, just in      case you need some ideas!

5: My 3 favorite pieces candy (I don’t eat much candy, NOT because I don’t like it though)

  • Turtles
  • Ghirardelli
  • Twix

6. My 3 favorite dining out places

  • Olive Garden
  • Logans Steakhouse – who can’t love the 2 full meals for $15.99 YUM
  • Panera Bread

But seriously can YOU narrow it down to 3? 🙂

7. My 3  favorite hobbies

  • Remodeling
  • Painting furniture and walls LOL
  • Crocheting and sewing
  • WAIT….I have to add reading…love books!

8. My 3 favorite places to visit

  • Disney World!! (Our favorite vacation spot, we try to get there every 4 years. So much to do and lovely dining)
  • Smokey Mountains (Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg – the fires there broke my heart)
  • Downtown Chicago (love the views, Navy Pier, shopping, Cheesecake Factory, and sightseeing!)

*** Below is our list of Christmas Movies  

(Note –  all of them I listed are GOOD! But the starred ones I’m really recommending especially because they might not be as well known)
  • Family Man  **
  • Elf 
  • The Christmas Card  **
  • The Christmas Choir **
  • A Time to Remember
  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  • Santa Clause I
  • Santa Clause II
  • Santa Clause III
  • Home Alone I
  • Home Alone II
  • The Christmas Box / The Time Piece **
  • A Christmas Visitor **
  • Borrowed Hearts
  • A Dog Names Christmas **
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • The Christmas Miracle **
  • What If?
  • A Christmas Carol (with George C. Scot…the BEST one) **
  • The Grinch (with Jim Carry)
  • The Christmas Ornament
  • National Lampoon Christmas Vacation
  • Preacher’s Wife (with Whitney Houston)
  • A Very Merry Mix-Up **
  • One Christmas
  • Trading Christmas
  • Lucky Christmas

…and this is NOT the complete list..since we have the “Feeln” channel this year and have new ones to add for next year! 🙂 Happy viewing!

I found this free printable. Prints out beautifully, I have it framed and on one of my shelves above our TV, framed it in a white frame! Go to this blog for her lovely printable at full size: Deliciouslyyum.com/merry-christmas/


May your Christmas shopping list be almost complete, and your Christmas baking be filling your home with delicious smells (and eating!)

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