My Projects and family photos!

So happy to be back blogging. Such a busy summer, though the to-do list is still on going. determined….I said determined LOL..I will be blogging at least twice a week.

Many projects have been in the works and YES I have more in the works

Below is the kitchen Island my hubby rebuilt. Did a lovely job. Then the honey oak coffee table re-do and then last the old stool update!

1 IMG_1540
Old island missing drawers – I had already started priming them


1 a  IMG_1544 - Copy
Island now in rebuilding stage – building in tray storage in the middle
2 - Copy
Island done! Added trim to look more furniture like and also “feet”. Painted black to off-set all our oak cupboards. New top to match counter tops. Picture doesn’t do it justice. Came out so nice.

















20160624_112016_resized - Copy
Getting ready to re-finish our old honey (too yellow for me) oak coffee table.
Completed! Weathered White chalk paint legs and under skirting. Darker and richer stained top to go with the rest of the furniture! Love it!
















An old stool we love to use…now fresh and updated to match the colors we are bringing into our living room. I plan on making solid color pillows for our sofa in the same blue as in the stool.



Trip to Colorado to visit our family Son Matt and wife Sherry and 4 super grandkids, Kaytlynn, Carson, Severia and Sadie!!IMG_1877

Wayne and I with the 4 grand kids!!!


My next blog post will include our two granddaughters that live near us! And also the deck and backyard update.

3 Comments on “My Projects and family photos!

  1. I think you guys did a great job on your kitchen island. I loved it! And those are some nice looking grandkids…the parents and grandparents aren’t so bad either! lol

    • Thank you so much Sharee!! Love that you visit the blog 🙂 Hope this summer is going great for you!!

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