Tomorrow…tomorrow another year to celebrate, another year to reflect on, another year to look forward to!!

It seems stunning that so many years have passed. How can it be? I NEVER bemoan how old I am or the number of birthdays I celebrate. I always remember that my dad only got to celebrate to age 46 and died not even two months later…he so wanted to live. THAT makes me appreciate each year.


I don’t feel my age. I try to work in exercise every day, try to eat healthy most of the time (though I do indulge) I keep active every day, check ups every year, weight down and in a good range, but mostly just keeping active each day, all day is the spice of life. We wake up early, love seeing the sun rise and get the day going with projects!!

I’m actually celebrating “birthday week”. One day is just not enough LOL! I have so many freebies to take advantage of I’m spreading them out through out the week. Free meals, free Starbucks drink, birthday breakfast out, free ice cream! What fun!  Also on my birthday my hubby is taking me to Ikea and Kirkland’s for a day of shopping. Oh what “finds” I’ll have fun selecting!!

I’m hoping to find some items at Ikea for Ikea hacks! I have found many on Pinterest and blogs. Many Ikea furniture redone with chalk paint etc. Also looking for some items for my kitchen and for our deck. Our first stop on the way is Cracker Barrel, my favorite breakfast place!!

Our deck is in the process of being re-done, all new floor being installed by my husband. New steps built and relocated to another side of the deck, with the stairs ending at a new patio and fire pit (that will be started after the deck floor is finished), Picture to come!

One of the many ideas for a fire pit, trying to decide whether to put a “sitting wall” on the back edge like this!
A sign I found on Pinterest I want to make for our fire pit area! Love it!

Update: my kitchen island is done…we almost..waiting for the new top to arrive, we are hoping it will come in this week. Photos will definitely be posted when the top is installed. I can’t wait. So happy with how the rest of the island turned out! Husband really loves how it turned out also!


One Comment on “Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Kathy! It sounds like a week of fun.

    The quote you posted, ‘Do not regret growing old. It is a privilege denied to many.’ is one I keep on my desk. We have lost so many friends in the last few years, and we’re only in our 50s, that it reminds me to live life to the fullest for all of those who can’t, or didn’t get the chance.

    I, absolutely, love your fire pit. Your husband did a beautiful job. We are going to be remodeling soon and I plan on putting one on our deck or out by our pond…we’ll see where it ends up!

    Have a terrific week. I can’t wait to see more pictures.


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