What inspires you? Not on the regular days. What inspires you on “those” days. You know ….those days. Do you have days…you know, just awful days? Most people don’t admit it, but we all do. Days where either something has happened, unexpected and possibly awful, or a memory, or a single or many items have just for some reason piled on. Something that has always stuck with me was a passage I read in a book once that called what we all carry in life…is our “sack of rocks”.

We all have them, some are smaller than others, some are bigger than others…but a sack …with rocks.BUT even through those things, those days, those times, those of  times of life, joy can be had. I have those times. You have had those times. We all have them. Do most people know we have them?….no. Usually, most of the time, we have no idea what other people are going through or carrying in their life.

What gives you inspiration? When you go through those times, what is the thing or things that carry you through. For those of us who are Christians, yes God is the ultimate strength-giver, joy giver and give us a foundation and the strength to go on,.  But that doesn’t change the valley you are walking through. I believe  you also need tangible, hold-in-your-hand type of things or people. Those things for me are music, just certain songs can give your day a lift. There are those spiritual songs that stir the soul  But also a good 50’s, 60’s or 70’s song can carry me away :), people are another, a message, a phone call, a hug, those are amazing. Books are another thing that help me. But laughter….laughter can change how you feel, how your body responds and can give you a kick-start to changing your attitude.

Which leads me to Chonda Pierce. I  LOVE Chonda Pierce. Her take on life, she is a comedian who is more than surviving much grief in her life….her life, her story, her sharing includes much laughter, even in the mist of a storm, terrible grief, and just plain heartache. She is real. She is down to earth. She can make you laugh, smile and cry. Right now she is my inspiration.

Read the following to get to know Chonda:

This is on my birthday list. I can’t wait to see it. Click HERE to go to her site and order it.

I just thought I would share Chonda and you can read her story and about her life. It helped me, thought I would pass it on.

The following quote is something I have read and kept in my heart.


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