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Some time ago I had posted some of my favorite blogs I follow. They are such a “mish mash” of blogs! I’m going to post the links to some of my favorites. They cover a myriad of subjects. I love the down-to-earth bloggers, with down-to-earth Faith, love of God, you know people who are finding their way in life like we all are, and ones that have a sense of humor along life’s road.

Why would I share some of the blogs I follow (and believe me there are MUCH more than I have listed)? Because, these have touched my heart, my soul, made me reach inside of myself. They have added to my personal growth, made me laugh, cry and inspire me!! By sharing maybe you too will find one or more to touch and inspire you in your day.

Thistlewod Farms  – one of my favorites! She is SO funny, an believable home they have remodeled (it makes me drool…seriously!)  and her stories are wonderful! A MUST to check out!

The Pioneer Woman – Been following her for a while. Her recipes are fabulous, her stories of ranch life are great! And she now has come out with new kitchen, baking and serving ware that are now in the stores. Gorgeous!

An Inch of Gray – A new author of “Rare Bird”, her story of the drowning death of her young son. This is NOT a “downer” blog. I get much inspiration from her.
No Greater Joy –  Can say enough about this family. Adoption and Faith and Joy! I have learned so much from her. She has made me “dig deep” along the way. Touching.
Recovering Church Lady –  The title says a lot! Her faith is awesome, her story is awesome, love her thoughts. Inspired me greatly!

Mennonite Girls Can Cook – Wonderful yummy recipes!

Micah Six Eight –  Adoption and love. Her advocating for children that need rescuing is wonderful! They also write and publish homeschooling curriculum.

The Blue House –  Love her sharing of her life. She has been through crushing times and has come out victorious and with deep faith.

Texas Tales – a mom of pre-school quadruplets writes of their life. Great stories!

The Ross Family – An Air force family that shares it life’s journey and their moves. Most recently to Colorado. She is down to earth and funny!

Wildflower Farm – Faith, Family and Farming….love her stories, funny and down to earth!

The Golden Sycamore – A local blogger that brings life back to old furniture and sells it. She does a beautiful job!  She is also in the process of re-doing her home. She has inspired me to learn to chalk paint.

The Nesting Place –  a lot of variety, lots of decorating with doing life thrown in.

These are only a few of what I follow. I use the app on my tablet and on my computer of Bloglovin.  All my blogs I like to follow listed in one place, gives updates of new postings and easy peasy to use!  Highly recommend it!

On a personal note, Thanksgiving was wonderful, but came and went by way too fast! Christmas shopping is in high gear now, wrapping has begun. And we now have the outside of the house decorated as of last week, both trees are up and decorated. One is in the lower level, and our bigger tree on the main level! And YES I have been playing Christmas music since BEFORE Thanksgiving….just can’t help it…love it so much. We also have acquired quite the Christmas DVD movie collection. We have begun watching our favorites, which is lovely on a cold evening with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa!



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