Free Printables and a survey!

I’m determined…did I say “determined” to post more often. We have gotten so busy the last few months, I’m behind again.

First sharing free printable I have found. The first is Pantry Labels I have used last month when I re-organized my pantry and put most staples in glass or plastic containers. I LOVE the “chalkboard” look labels and they are the ones I used! There is also blank ones to create your own labels for what you need. Pantry Labels from World Labels

The next was Christmas Garland to print, but when I scanned the whole site, was blown away by how much was available, so giving the general link to them Christmas Printables from Personal Creations

Do you want to organize your recipes?  Here is a great site for that!! Recipe Cards, Apps and ideas Organizing Recipes etc. from Andreas Notebook


Also sharing a personal”questionnaire or survey” that is going around FB. Filled in my answers:

Making : a mess as I cleaning out, sorting and downsizing closets.

Cooking : Thinking of pizza for dinner, may be baking frosted brownies today.

Drinking : a cup of coffee

Reading : a book on the Holocaust.

Wanting : to have a final answer on something that is going to be decided today.

Looking: forward to Thanksgiving next week, eating turkey and all the sides!! Especially mashed potatoes with LOTS of butter..YUM oh totally into pumpkin pie with whipped cream and a cup of coffee.

Playing: The Blaze Radio

Wasting: that is a hard one….not sure of anything I’m wasting …maybe the container of lettuce greens that went bad in the frig. LOL!

Wishing: ?????? How about NOT wishing for the snow that is coming tonight 🙂

Enjoying: Our retirement…so wonderful

Waiting: to put up the Christmas tree.

Liking: All things Christmas! SO LOVE this season. Celebrating Christ’s birth and just the joy and decorating (and eating)

Wondering: How long it will take to lose the 5 pounds I want to lose

Loving: the town we live in, the people are warm and friendly, a beautiful town.

Hoping: that life will slow down some…time is passing so quickly

Marveling: that I have 6 wonderful grandchildren

Needing: To get my hair cut…..oh and a mammogram ..ick.

Smelling: My burning scented candle….love.

Wearing: My retirement “uniform” HA. Jeans and zipped up hoodie, with warm socks

Noticing: That the leaves in the backyard against the fence need racking!!

Knowing: we made a big decision and it was the right one.

Thinking: of the changes that are coming.

Bookmarking: Recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Opening: a can of nuts!

Feeling: So incredibly thankful for all we have. Warm and cozy home, our kids, spouses and 6 sweet grandchildren, a wonderful retirement, a loving husband who is also my best friend, we enjoy doing so many things together.

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