The Mouse and Three Things!!

In August we headed to Florida to visit THE MOUSE!  Yes Disney World! Had a wonderful vacation to Disney World! We always love visiting “The Mouse”!!  Loved the shows, the rides, the experience and the food. Dining at Disney is as fun as the rides etc!

Below are a FEW of the photos we took!  The time there passed very fast! And yes going in August it is HOT HOT HOT!

The water rides are required! LOL!

IMG_0778IMG_1282 IMG_0802 IMG_0811 IMG_0839 IMG_0842 IMG_0847 IMG_0849 IMG_0851 IMG_0896  IMG_1360 IMG_1339 IMG_1348 IMG_1307 IMG_1295 IMG_1334

THREE THINGS…what might you ask is “Three Things?”

One of the blogs I follow, she has begun Five Things…that is too many for me.So “Three Things” it is for me!!

What the rules are, is each time there is a blog post, pick “three things” to blog about. Could encompass a whole variety of topics. ie: recipes, scriptures, books that are recommended or read, crafts, decorating ….just about anything. It piqued my interest, so now I will be adding THREE THINGS!!

Crafts it will be for this post!

First is a craft I am working on now. It’s actually for sale at the Etsy shop They are reversible and how cool is that! For sale at this link.

11889613_876962192391205_6374187741887640560_n 11889428_876962162391208_2484426375616245300_n

Second craft is a DIY with instructions. A lighted Pumpkin Topiary  (note: the holes can be drilled…easy peasy!)


Third and last DIY is  painted wood slices to look like pumpkins!! instructions at

I LOVE LOVE wood slices!!


One Comment on “The Mouse and Three Things!!

  1. I love that you have chosen crafts as one of your 3 things. I owned 2 arts and crafts stores for 7+ years so that catagory is near and dear to my heart. And I saw so many fun ideas too! Now, if I only had the time to do even one of them, I’d be in hog heaven. Thanks for sharing!

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