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Colorado and Grandkids/family


This Matt and Battle (the dog) napping after moving in their new home on base in Colorado Springs!!!!!

We drove to Colorado to help Matt, Sherry and kiddos move into their new home a few weeks back!! Great trip! Love seeing everyone and of course time spent with the grandkids, Kaytlynn, Carson, Severia, and Sadie is always GREAT!!!

They have a view of the mountains from their home and Colorado Springs is a pretty and VERY spread out town. LARGE! Looks like much to offer a family!

We planned on trying some tent camping during our stay in Colorado Springs.

THAT didn’t last more than one night. The tent was fine..actually kinda of cozy …the campground not so much. Our “neighbors” in the tents next to us were “trash” and LOUD, along with their constant barking dogs. And if that wasn’t bad enough the “shower house” was ICKY!!! Shower curtains that offered no privacy, dirty, everything broken and bugs and spiders all over. YIKES. Barely was able to get through the shower and get ready there. So only one night it was in that campground. Found a hotel for the rest of the stay.Plus all the “beware of black bear signs” in the campground wasn’t exactly welcoming LOL!

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Have you heard of Fargo’s Pizza Co. Wow a great pizza place to visit and we had AWESOME pizza.

A few photos

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