Summer Days

I am behind in my postings. Have been chiding myself the last couple of weeks to “get back to it!”, but as it goes with everyone…some things just get pushed to the side on busy days. This morning, I even told my self, “you must sit down and write a post..even if it’s short”…but the day went on…UNTIL I got an email from a special person (whom I have reunited with after many many years!) that said in it she enjoys my blog…so that was just the push I needed!!!

Our summer days have been busy, busy busy. Productive, but yet wish I could have packed more in!  A lot of work on the outside of the house/yard. Work on the truck, an unexpected trip to Colorado (more on that), trips to Lansing to help my mom, painting our two bed side tables, and in just a few days on the road again to Florida to our favorite place…Disney World!!!!!  Love!!!  We have woven in and in between the work, walks on the boardwalk, the pier, ice cream cones, music on the waterfront, a couple of movies at the theater, breakfast out, lunch out and trips to the Library.

As mentioned earlier, I have re-painted our bedside tables. Here are the photos of the before and after.


Bedside table before repainting…awful beige with yellow undertones…camera really picked up the  yellow undertones, not quit that yellow, but awful none the less!


After painting. All but the top is white. Light gray top. The stencil is a gray-blue to match the blue in our new comforter set.


Table with drawer open to show the stencil in the drawer. Saw on a blog that she had also stenciled the drawer and I loved the look!

In the next day or two will post the adventures we had in Colorado. We moved my son, wife and four kiddos into their new home, moving from El Paso TX. He is stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs and they are for a time living on the base. Loved our time with them…loved seeing the grandkids!!!  Photos coming too!!

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