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Walks, Sea Gulls, Sun and Lake MI!! (also a recipe review)

AAAAhhhhhhh….back to summer rituals! Walking the boardwalk and the pier to the lighthouse everyday. Right now we are walking in the evenings right after dinner. But once Wayne is done with school, it becomes a morning ritual of starting the day, chatting and absorbing in nature and the presence of God. We are morning people…early morning people. We are usually down at the pier walking by 6:30 or 7:00 am. There is just something about starting the day with the sunshine on you, the sea gulls circling and squawking, the water sloshing against the pier and beach that just makes for a great start.

These are a few photos from our walk last evening. Do you see the sparkling water….it was just beautiful. Way out in the distance was the tour sailboat turning around and coming back into the pier. It is called the  “Wind Dancer” a charter sailboat that sails out of port 4 times a day. A 63 foot long sailboat that is just beautiful. (clicking on photos will enlarge them)

When summer hits, and school is out and the days hit warm temps this beach is PACKED with people, beach umbrella’s and kids running and swimming and digging in the sand! Already the campground is busy!

NOTE: on previous post I linked to a recipe on Ribs.  Dr. Pepper Ribs….I’m telling you, it was a hit with the family. YUMMY!!!  The only think I might not do next time and there will be a next time SOON, is leave out the peppers. I used a half can and still a bit spicy, but still VERY good! Tender too, fall-off-the-bone tender!!

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