Ribs, Dr. Pepper, Peaches, and 7 days

You say…what do Ribs, Dr. Pepper, and Peaches have in common?…Recipes…2 new recipes I’m will be trying this week. I follow a number of blogs and two postings this weekend included yummy recipes, and both from the SAME blog.
The first is Dr. Pepper Ribs. My youngest daughter does not like BBQ Sauce (I know…really.) This sounds like an amazing recipe, one of the ingredients is Dr. Pepper so I’ll give a review once I make them. Here is the link to the recipe (with photos!)  http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2014/02/spicy-dr-pepper-ribs/
The other recipe is for Peach Salsa!  Wait before you go ICK..really look at the photo and the blog and see how delicious it looks. She says her family eat it up!   http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2015/05/peach-salsa/
7 (SEVEN) days left until the next chapter begins….actually if I want to be exact 6 1/2 days until Wayne’s retirement.  The celebration is coming soon!
My next post…a bit more serious in it’s writing. Trying to write down exactly what I am feeling…a bit difficult, but coming. Words like “genuine” and “authentic” and a variety of other words.
This graphic is along the same line:


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