Landscaping, flowers and bloomin’ lilacs!!


What is not to love about Lilacs..Ours have finally bloomed and the aroma is amazing.

Have moved them around to different rooms in the house, just so I can enjoy them all over!!

Okay…spring also means updating and adding to our landscaping.

These are photos of the house a few years back.

We are redoing some of our landscaping, pruning out and thinning out some plantings

Adding more flowering perennials and scrubs!!

Before photos below(after will be posted soon!)

Those unsightly lilacs at the corner of the house were carefully pruned (actually chopped!) down (a few years ago) and are now growing in thick and nice!
Side of the deck, love the hostas, will be adding more flowers
This too is an area we will be working on – thinning out, but love how the ground cover has grown in thickly and over hanging edge of landscape stones!! That we will keep!!


Love my Korean Spice bush. The white blooms are amazing in the Spring. One of my retirement gifts from my awesome peeps from work!!

One Comment on “Landscaping, flowers and bloomin’ lilacs!!

  1. So pretty. We have a lot of the same plants as you do, however, because our elevation is a mile high they don’t look pretty until about late June or July. I wish we had more time to spend on making our outside look nice around the house like yours. Maybe after retirement, but who knows when that will be since we are business owners! I can’t wait to see your after photos.

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