New Grandbaby, Spring, and a New Chapter Beginning Soon!

Wow so much change in a short time!

New granddaugher Adalynn Grayce arrived on April 2 after a quick delivery

Adalynn Grayce
Klara's 5th Birthday
Big sister Klara’s 5th Birthday and cake and Adalyn at 8 days old sleeping through the party!

And FINALLY after a long, long, cold, and very snowy long lasting winter, Spring has arrived! Trees, plants and flowers blooming and green green grass. Warmer temps and more sunshine!  Just can’t get enought!!

And plans…such plans…our “to do” list keeps getting longer for the summer!, But planning out some ideas for the backyard, painting our kitchen island to name a few!

And one of the biggest changes….Wayne is retiring…we both are so excited for the next chapter in our lives. It’s not an ending…but a beginning, new events, travel, and of trying new things,  re-do of some decor inside the house, writing, and mornings sitting and chatting over coffee ( YES I have one of those husbands who loves to do that) wonderful things!  I retired early two years ago and it’s been wonderful and soo I know it will only get better with Wayne enjoying it too!

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