Baby Quilt ….done! New quilt coming!

Finished the baby crib quilt that I had posted about in an earlier post, with fabric samples I was narrowing down to use in the quilt! This is a Rag Edge Quilt and I loved making it! The nursery has light gray walls, with lavender and teal accents.

(click on photos to enlarge)

The second photo is a close up to view the “rag edges” that gives the quilt such a unique look

quilt 1b
quilt 2jj

Here is the next quilt pattern I might try! I do like the colors in this pattern, though the red doesn’t go in the room I’m thinking of using it in, but then again I may just use the red to “pop” a color in the room,,, I just may end up like it! The pattern for this quilt is called “Windmills at Night”. 


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