Patience is hard to come by…waiting for the new grandbaby to arrive. Today is Monday, we thought there were definite “signs” that yesterday (Sunday) we could be heading to the hospital….but the little granddaughter had other ideas…staying nestled in for a while longer!

In the process of finishing the baby quilt.  In the beginning I went with one lady’s instructions I found…had a TON of trouble getting it to sew right, look right and lay right…when my frustration level reached it’s peak. I went back on the net and searched some more. Maybe just maybe, someone else had a better way of making this rag edge quilt. Found it!! Another gal (with opposite instructions) nailed it! So completely started over and boy is it going smoother and a better look. Thank goodness I decided to not struggle along and try to complete the quilt. Though a hassle to start over….very worth it. I just hate using a seam ripper and taking out ALL those stitches.

Spring is bring on many new projects, cleaning out many things, like closets, drawers and just getting rid of things that clutter. Which then began to draw me into myself….reflecting. what do I need to de-clutter in my mind, life etc.  Scriptures are helping and self analyzing. Hard to realize when you think about things, all the things that need to change..inside of one’s self.  And along with that comes growth…and seeking of what I am to do as service. I will be ending my year as SDMI (Sunday School)  President at church.  Wayne and I have spent times in discussion and prayer….where do we serve?  What areas?  Is some of that outside the church? If so where?  Spring brings much renewal to the earth and to people!

We are VERY excited about the new stage of life coming in June. Wayne’s retirement will bring a time of energy and seeking where we can serve. June ….here we come!!

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