The Life and Times of January 2015!

Christmas 2014 is in the books and a wonderful Christmas it was. 

 January 2015 has begun and nearly ending…the days are flying by. We may….probably…..WILL have an announcement in February!!!!! ….which means I WE can’t wait until SUMMER 2015!!!

BEFORE I get into my projects that are in process.. Grab a cup of tea.and sit and you watch Downton Abby???   Riveting…draws me in…but also drives me crazy…Okay this past Sunday…so “Grandmama” is not so proper? What is THAT story of her past….all started with a fan…a prince YIKES!!

Okay back to my projects.

Here are the two projects in the works.. First making a crib quilt for the new grand-baby’s nursery. The nursery colors are Gray, Lavender and Teal. I will be making a Rag Edge Quilt, I’ve see so many cute quilts made like this!! I planned on using all 3 colors in the quilt. But as I’m cutting out all the colors I bought, laying them out together, now rethinking that. Here are the 3 photos of the squares of material (the nursery has light gray walls, with Lavender and Teal accents. White rug on floor Top left photo shows Lavendar material with gray polka-dot material, top right photo is all the material colors, Lavender, gray, and teals.The left shows just the Lavender materials.The middle Lavender, Gray and Teal, and Right is just Lavender only. I’m now wondering if all the colors are too busy…go with just Lavender?  Maybe with gray added? Please leave your comments and vote for which one you like!   

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 Second Project Painting and re-doing my sewing/craft room.  I’m painted the walls a light gray. Then we are going to have white skirting just a little below half way down the walls, also white trim.Here is photo with is similar that we are going to do. My gray paint will be lighter than in the photo. Can’t wait for the transformation!! UPDATE…changed my mind…not using gray…see second image below. I’m now going to go navy blue on the upper walls, with white skirting still on the bottom, but the white skirting will come up a little over half way up.  Can’t wait!! Just love the bold color of the navy blue!



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