Merry Merry Christmas 2014!!!!

Merry Christmas 2014!! And a wonderful New Year..2015!!

We had a wonderful and busy Christmas. Matt and family here from Texas, Sarah, Kacey and Klara and Stephanie and with 5 grandkiddos, it was a busy time full of crafts, coloring, cookie making, toy playing. Christmas morning with a breakfast and opening of stockings and then heading to the tree downstairs, a crackling fire in the fireplace and the kids having a great time opening their presents.  The adults loved opening their gifts too!!  Loved all the gifts I received…they were just wonderful!! Posting some pics of the festivities:

(click on photo to enlarge)

Visiting Nanny in E. Lansing at the mall

l to R Matt, Sadie, Nanny, Carson

Gramma Kathy and Severia
Lunch at the Spartan Cafe, Matt, Sarah etc.
Making Christmas Cookies
Texas grandkiddos – Severia, Kaytlynn, Carson and Sadie

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