Bucket List Before 60…Okay Before 65

REALLY wish I had thought of this before 50, actually before 40 would have been good too!  As I was reading the blogs I follow, one stood out today…she gave her list of things she wanted to do before her bday that was coming up in a year. Soooo…

Bucket list of things to do or experience before 60!:

  • Take a long long bike ride
  • become more toned
  • pay off the house
  • try a Zip Line
  • begin writing..real writing (have a book in mind)
  • pay it forward
  • leave a 100% tip for super excellent service
  • re-do our bedroom
  • invite more people over
  • run a marathon
  • a trip to Mackinaw Island
  • attend another Broadway Theater show
  • read at least 12 books a year (getting close to that!)
  • sit on the beach as the sun goes down
  • try a new food that I have never eaten before (have no idea what that would be!)
  • plan more picnics
  • Try more NEW recipes
  • Go Kayaking
  • Go horseback riding….again

Page: Twenty-Two

From blogger: http://pagetwenty-two.blogspot.com/

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