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Links….REALLY great links are found below. Awesome articles!!

Make Time Make Your Marriage Work!:

30 Compliments That Make Your Partner’s Day!:

Kid President: his video is here and he is awesome!! I think HE would make a better President!

And one more: (I normally do NOT like the Huffingtonpost, but this article is right on:

…..on the left side, you may have noticed I follow a variety of blogs…okay a LOT of blogs. They cover a variety of topics, mostly adoption and home decor. They are all worth checking out if you so inclined. One of my favorites it Thistlewood Farm. She has THE BEST on DYI home decor, they bought an older farmhouse and have done a re-do, and it is jaw-dropping gorgeous. Better Homes and Garden just did a photo shoot there. Okay, 2 of my favorites, another is also No Greater Joy Mom…hers is mostly on adoption, and advocating for special needs in other countries. Her family’s story is just awesome. 
Both blogs are listed on the left (in alphabetical order). Enjoy.

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