The Year 2014

Came across a blog, she shared instead of resolutions, to pick a word to describe the new year. 

A word or words…
    ……………claim it!

    ………………… Introspection and Resolute. Closer to my God. My Words. This year. 2014.

A year of introspection, but not just sitting and thinking. Thinking yes. Praying yes. But as each thought comes into focus. Focus. It must come to a focus point. Introspection for what I am to do, what I am to be, then action steps to take.


To be resolute in what I am to be this year. I am already beginning to see some things coming into focus.
Those I’ll share in another post.

Must also include: This Christmas, the whole holiday season, though it passed so incredibly quickly. A season of joy and happiness and thankfulness. Loved, Loved Wayne’s time off. Also the 3 extra days due to an ice storm and incredible cold and tons of snow! 

………this was the year of our 39th wedding anniversary. This time passes so quickly. Wouldn’t trade any of the years for anything! Awesome husband I do have.

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