Fall Musings

I have found my 1 or 2 days a week taking my iPad and devotional book to Panera for my early morning musings is a wonderful start to the day. I love cupping my mug of hot coffee, reading, contemplating, and enjoying the company of other "early morning regulars"; I must admit I do get sidetracked a bit... people watching, sometimes just have to smile. What I love is I'm not the only one doing devotions, though I'm not obvious, since my bible in on my iPad, other's I have seen either are in a bible study group or just bring in their bible and other items and read. I must admit, being able to do this, sit in Panera, the freedom to do this, is a first in 30 some years. 

Here at Panera ...This is where I am this morning, formulating my next blog post and organizing my day. Putting together my "to do" list and contemplating my next dessert to make. 

Have found so many wonderful recipes on Pinterest. I'm really in the mood for a "Fall"
dessert...something with pumpkin...I just may have to fall back on one of my regular recipes (from my friend Terri D) and one of our favorites...Pumpkin Bars...with cream cheese frosting...so wonderful with a hot cup of coffee or a steaming mug of tea. 

Also just made this recipe for Sunday dinner...easy peasy!

This is SO easy - using frozen Rhode Rolls (yes! This is a photo of the ones I made!) see link at "Thistlewood Farms" for recipe "Pumpkin Shaped Rolls"

One of my projects, outside of the painting projects I have going on, is re-doing our family cookbook. Changing the look of the recipes pages, updating them and adding new recipes that I have tried and have become part of our meal planning. Stephanie too, is putting together a cookbook that will hold her favorite recipes and ones that she has made and liked!

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