Autumn…this season is one I usually only semi-enjoy. I do love the colors, the leaves etc. but I hate the ending of summer and winter coming. But this year…a change of heart. I am enjoying the crispness of the mornings, love wearing my hoodies and my warm socks. Hmm…also in a “nesting” stage, I am cleaning out, organizing and sorting all kinds of items in closets, drawers, cupboards, storage areas and cleaning my sewing room. I’m been scanning Pinterest for Fall ideas, found some lovely ones!

In one of my devotions (using the book “The Small Group Book”), found some areas that really stood out.Characteristics of Great Leaders (which we really are ALL called to be in one area or another)

  • 1. Leaders dream impossible dreams that change the world
  • 2. Leaders have a can-do spirit.  (notice is says spirit –  not attitude)
  • Also Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision, the people perish”

Quote from book “Comfort Zones: “ I know that old shoes are more comfortable than new ones simply because we’ve worn them so long.  They “fit” our feet. They feel good. But if we limit ourselves to wearing only old, comfortable shes, we’re going to miss out on many beautiful new shoes that might be custom-made JUST FOR US.

Another quote from this book “Leaders are successful in managing their own lives. It goes on to say “Before we can manage others, we must first manage ourselves. How true. 
This book really has such good info that doesn’t just pertain to small groups or life groups – pertains to life in general.

Okay off my soap box for now! 🙂

Once of my painting projects is this:

(this photo is from Pinterest –

I have always wanted to paint the inside of the front door, never could find the right color….until NOW! Love Love the black door!  I also have an old chest of Wayne’s mom, that I started to refinish, I am now going to paint it black but I’m going to leave the top stained in a oak/cherry color…LOVE LOVE! I will put that in our hallway too. If I like the door black, I will also paint the door going out into our garage black also.
Will post pics when done with that “little” project!

UPDATE:! The door is finished! Love Love!! Even Wayne loved it when he saw it, really changes the whole look of my entry way!!!  Next doing the same for the door to the garage and working on the chest. Will post update pics of those when done!

Okay…I said each posting I would share a great app I have found for my iPad. This is the next one “AppsGonefree”  It’s awesome…everyday they offer between 5-7 free apps for iPad and or the iPhone.  Usually these apps have a fee, but through “AppsGonefree” for just that day they are free for downloading. I have gotten so very many of my apps that way. All kinds of apps for all different uses, including some great children ones. Enjoy!
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