Summer …where have you gone?

Another summer seems to have passed even more quickly than other summers. I have passed my 3 month mark of retirement! How can time pass so quickly! Do I have trouble filling my time???  Absolutely not! My days are full and I still don’t get all my “to do list” completed!! But do I love retirement…YES YES YES!! It is so completely freeing! My buds from work, yes I do miss them, but my new days of retirement are a blessing!

This is the first summer Wayne and I have had off together! It’s been awesome! Most everyone morning, we have embarked on our early morning walk down the boardwalk, walking to the pier and around it and back again! They are brisk walks with wonderful early morning interaction with the lake, other walkers, watching the fisherman, and the cawing of Seagulls! Many mornings we would stop and chat over coffee before the walk.

One of my new activities is developing a new webpage for our church and maintaining it. I am loving it! Also decided to get back involved with being part of the “counting team” that handles the money that comes in a church.  Have some other ideas of things I would like to get involved in…we’ll see what the future brings!

The painting obsession hobby is continuing. Why do I do this?  It’s Pinterests’ fault. I see such lovely rooms, color details, decorating, cute little home made items ….and then off to the store I go to pick out new and lovely paint colors.  I have chosen to go lighter. A lighter beige. I going with Behr Parisian Taupe. I am repainting the dining room, foyer, hallway, kitchen and living room and since it all flows together…upstairs hallway. Why do I do this..yes I keep saying that! I have picked up MANY paint sample chips, from many stores. Finally narrowed it down and had a few paint samples made up…and yes it looks like Parisian Taupe has won out. We are also replacing all our trim with white trim…and yes that requires paint. I know exactly what kind of floor length curtains (drapes) I want on the dining room windows. If I can’t find the color and print I want, I will sew my own.  Follow up photos will be posted!

Here is a sample room of the paint color Parisian Taupe. I found this in Pinterest.

Parisian taupe sitting room - traditional - living room - chicago - Brooke Marks, Symmetry Home Staging and Design

On another note, I have made the commitment to myself to do a work out 3x a day. I am at the time being doing a mile with Leslie Sansom 3x a day! Loving how I am feeling with each workout. I have now included weights with it and love that too! Stephanie has also gotten into the exercise mode and is working out with me some of the times and then by herself at night after we have went to bed

I have found some wonderful apps for my iPad. I will be highlighting one each time I post now. I want to share when I find a really great app that stands out.

The first app I’m featuring is Bloglovin…all the blogs you follow all in one place!!  It is definitely one of my most favorite apps. It will even email you when there is an update. Or if you open the app, the unread blog entries are highlighted.  Bloglovin works on your computer,  iPhone, Android and iPad. On the right of my page is a button to click on to follow my blog through Bloglovin! Enjoy!!!

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