Gardening…2nd post in 2 days!

Working on getting all my plantings done. I have more perennial’s to add around the back of the house. So where there are bare spots, it will be filled in when I’m done! Have more to do, hopefully will finish today, depending if the thunderstorms come in!
A few photos: (click on them to enlarge)

My retirement gift of the Korean Spice is now planted by the deck…can’t
wait until next spring for the blooming!!

If you click on photo to enlarge it you will see my Moose. Love it! The sign that came with it had on 
 one side  “Welcome” the other side “Go Away”…yup picked the side “go away”…too funny!

Another view of the Korean Spice by the deck

Planted this ground cover last year…just tiny little plants with  beautiful pink flowers, wow did it expand this year. 
Trying to find more of it, and found the nursery’s have a hard time keeping it in stock it is so popular. 
(please ignore the branches laying on the grass, Wayne took down one of our trees in the front that died 
and is in the process of cutting up the branches 🙂  )

A view of the back of the house

Front of the house – dug up most of what was there and replanted with new 
shrubs and flowers.  Will take a few years for it to fill in.

May hanging flowers from Country Side!

Last year with the heat and drought, all my ground cover dried up, 
thought I had lost it all, but no it came back even thicker this year!

Just starting my plantings. the wood shelf is going to hold all
my herbs I’m growing. Love that shelf! Got it from Ikea last year.

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