In my first week of retirement! Yes I love the freedom of my days to schedule the hours as I like. Adjustment…yes and yes!  After many years at the ISD, trying to eliminate it from my mind, from my “to do” list that I use to plan for there and the connection is a bit harder. This I know is normal, it’s the passing of one chapter into another and it will feel “weird” for a time and then it will be full steam ahead to the new time in my life and living it with joy!

I came across this saying and oh how this is true. Love what it means and the impact on life when you really embrace it. 

Quote: “When you are making a decision..make it from the strong part of you, not the weak part of you”.

Love this! Very true , makes for a different decision and it will make for a HEALTHY decision. I’ve had people in my life that I see make their decisions from their weak side and you can see the results.

Another curious part of  this retirement chapter is the need to “nest”. :). I want to organize everything in our house. So I’m in the mist of cleaning out drawers, cupboards, closets, files and storage areas. Not only organizing it all, but also downsizing. I want my sewing room closet re-built ( I have many ideas for Pinterest, which is my new love obsession) It will be a storage area with many shelves and nooks and crannies for my crafts, sewing, material and for our files and paper work. Wayne has so generously offered to build it for me! 

Another note: I was givin a wonderful send off from my co-workers! Showered with gifts, including a tree/shrub, a Korean Spice…which I love. All the gifts were wonderful and the lunch out at Wild Chef totally great! And this week a get-together in Holland at Branns! 

Retirement Cake! (Delicious I might add…a carrot cake chock full of carrots, raisins, walnuts and topped with a YUMMY cream cheese frosting)

I couldn’t wait for a piece….LOL!

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