Birthday Celebration!

For my birthday Wayne and I took the day off work and he took me to Frankenmuth! But first we stopped at my mom’s in East Lansing to help her out for a few hours and then over to Dick’s place, his new home at the assisted living center. Then off we headed to Frankenmuth and shopping and a chicken dinner. Did a little shopping at Birch Run and then off to the Bavarian Inn. The HUGE chicken dinner (all you can eat!) is just so fabulous!! I lOVE LOVE their chicken, as good as dessert!! Of course after many pieces of chicken I still managed all the other fab foods they bring to the table. What awesome service we had, we were tucked away in a booth, even got seated before Wayne’s reservation time!  After eating browsed all the little shops.
Below is just a few pics of the chicken dinner. YUMMMMMM

That is only part of the chicken platter, pieces are missing since we started eating them before I thought  of 
taking a photo!  And Wayne only ate the 2 chicken breasts, I polished off ALL the rest of the chicken LOL!!  
The picture doesn’t do the food justice. All the salads were so very yummy 
and yes I had more than once helping of them all!
Love their chicken noodle soup, realized I didn’t a photo of  the mashed potatoes, 
gravy, stuffing and  the variety of bread that were brought to the table.

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