Yes…the "Crown Molding Effect" is in process…

The “Crown Molding Effect”…and inside joke from work. When a co-worker started out JUST changing our the trim and putting in Crown Molding around the ceiling in their bedroom..that then led to a new comforter, then new valances…then since the bathroom was off the bedroom…well you get the idea…”Give a Mouse a Cookie” kind of story!

Well since our carpeting in the lower level had to be pulled up and discarded…we decided while the carpeting was up and bare floor exposed, the family room needed to be painted. So off to Home Depot I trotted, I knew in my mind what I wanted…I had pictured the PERFECT color of light beige.  Picked up many color squares and brought them home. Yup found one that was just the right one. Off to Home Depot, had the paint mixed came home and the next day put on my “paintin’ clothes” and started painting.

EEEK!!!!!Gray…it was gray. No way. On the paint can where they put a drop of it, it was beige. Beige in the store and on the paint chip. But NO on my wall it turned GRAY! I tried the color up in my sewing (which I had also planned to paint). Yup it’s beige on that wall. Okay, lightening or something must be different in the family room. Off to Home Depot again. This time, a lighter beige, but yup it’s beige. Came home started painting again…YIKES…now it’s just a lighter Gray. I was close to pulling my hair out. Okay what gives! I go back to square one…paint squares. Checked on the internet…Everyone loved Antique White. Looks like a light beige…Come home start painting. In the can it looks light beige…sigh…on the wall…WHITE..I give up, I’m going with it. Photos below of my samples of 3 cans of paint.

 1st Can ….gray!

 2nd Can…lighter gray, but still gray!


Antique White is the final selection!

Oh and back to the “Crown Molding Effect”..Now that I have 3 colors of paint, 2 cans need to be used. So I will also be painting the sewing room and the other color will go well in our guest room.  Oh and the trim in the family room…we are thinking..just thinking of changing it out to white molding. And on it goes..

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