When You’re Given Lemons Make Lemonade!

That is where I'm at today. Getting ready to retire, had the budget all adjusted almost to the penny. Had it all planned, you know, you think you are in control and that's when it all goes Kapooie! 

With the flooding in West Michigan, our area was also hit with a lot of rain over a period of days and flooding began. Our lower level which is our family room, Steph's bedroom, laundry room and it includes our storage area became watery, wet and soggy. Needless to say, the carpeting had to go. Yes it's about 13 years old, and yes I love the idea of new carpeting....just not now...it wasn't planned in the budget yadda, yadda, yadda.

New carpeting has been ordered,  and since the carpeting is going to be replaced, really should paint the walls since that hasn't been done in some years, so paint has been bought. May also have to replace the couch and we do have to buy a new TV stand! So what is the lemonade?

Well since there isn't a choice, I'm going to re-figure the budget, and I'm going to enjoy the new carpeting, painted walls, new tv stand!

Must add I'm really anticipating spring weather to begin and stay!! Want so bad to start on the garden,yard and deck!!

Oh and on the retirement count down...less then 18 working days left! 
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