A New Adventure…a new Chapter in my Life

I have finally come to a decision…Its been a year of thinking, going ’round and ’round on what to do…but felt a calling to start a new chapter.  A new adventure, a change in my life and future. I have known what I am being called to do…but oh so hard to finally make the decision, the decision to RETIRE!!  With just about 18 years in at my job..it’s time to step into the unknown where you can’t totally see the road ahead, but it requires a step out in faith! Wayne has been encouraging me the whole time to take this step. So here I go 2013! I’m excited to see what the future holds! The next wonderous adventurous chapter begins in May 2013!

Though this is exciting it still is bitter-sweet. I have such awesome co-workers that are dear friends too and I know I will so miss the day to day interaction, the laughs, “the goings on”, and just being with them daily/weekly. But I’m still planning on going to the “girls get-togethers”, bday celebrations etc…they can’t totally get rid of me!! LOL!

I have many “let’s see I think I want to try this” ideas, but I have decided to take a few months off, actually spend the summer totally clearing my mind and centering it on what things I’m being called to do. But when I say take the summer off, I’m still going to work on more landscaping in my yard (Pinterest has given me ideas) repainting some rooms, creating a craft/sewing closet in my sewing room (yes…another idea from Pinterest), restaining our deck LOLOL!!! ..but summer always includes Wayne and I sitting out in one of the downtown cafes having breakfast, or lunch or just coffee and planning our days, walking on the pier, ice cream downtown, biking, etc. etc. And last but not least a couple of vacations are in the works, including a trip to Texas in August to see Matt,Sherry and grandkids!!!…yea yea…we are crazy to go to Texas in August…but I LOVE the heat and sun!!!

These are just a few SMALL items on my to do list for retirement:
1. I will be blogging on a regular basis
2. I will start up my “card” ministry
3. My exercise will be daily and consistent
4. Stephanie and I will update our cookbooks with all the new recipes we have tried
5. I will take more photos (many of which will be posted on this blog)

I have some “bigger” ideas of what I want to do in my next chapter..we’ll see what works out.
And to end this post from Dr. Seuss:

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

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