Disney 2010

We had a magical trip to Disney in July…yes July….yes it was HOT! But we enjoyed every minute.

We tried new dining places in Disney this year, totally loved Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom, so much so, we went back again to eat!! Food just awesome! Also tried a dining place in France in EPCOT..That was NOT good! But had a wonderful waiter who conversed with Stephanie in French.

My favorites in Disney have to be Splash Mountain (totally fun!), Soarin’ which I can now do with my eyes open (HA), The Lion King production (just like a broadway show…totally and completely awesome), Carousal of Progress (tried and true), The People Mover, Buzz LightYear ( a totally fun and competitive ride and YES my score totally wiped out Wayne’s and Stephanie, not that I’m trying to brag or anything!), Monster’s Inc. Comedy Review, just to name a few. We went on many of these 3 or 4 times…not counting the other rides we went on!

We again stayed at Pop Century, I think our 3rd time and totally love the resort. Always have nice rooms, and just love the pool (actually there are 3) and just how incredibility clean and friendly everyone is!

Oh and did I mention 2 visits to Giradelli’s in Downtown Disney…so totally wonderful are their sundaes! They are huge…and of course VERY low in calories. We also visited the Lego store in Downtown Disney…huge! Wayne and I have decided to start a new hobby together, a Lego building hobby. Bought 2 kits, one for Wayne’s bday and one for Christmas, we got a discount and we had Disney points left over to pay down part of it…a deal we couldn’t resist!! Wayne plans on building oak shelves to display our new hobby! Too fun!!

Photos going up soon!

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