Winter Wonderland

First, is a scripture that is near and dear to my heart. Those words: Fear not, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will you uphold you. What loving and encouraging words. The words “fear not” are in the KJV – 74 times. Oh how HE cares for us.

Well in Michigan we are in a winter wonderland this winter. It’s been about 5 years since we have seen so much snow continually. Saturday was non-stop snow turning everything into a winter postcard. Today is another day of non-stop snow. Of course, more than was predicted! With the fire in the fireplace, our cats curled up asleep, we watch the snow coming down!

New Year, New Intentions, New Purpose

With my new dedication to my blog, comes a purpose with it. Along with sharing of events, memories and goals in my life, I will be sharing of “treasures” of help, that has especially touched me, or came at a time in my life it gave encouragement and hope.

I found this graphic on a site with the scripture I love. This scripture I have used and referred to for many years. I love the words ” the LORD himself goes before you…imagine, HE is going before us to help us in our journey. His love for us is mighty and forever.


Below is a video of our new home. We started building in the summer of 2020 and moved into the house in February of 2021, almost a year, a year that has flown by. We are enjoying making it our home.

The video of our home has sound if you want to listen to the soft music that goes with it.

Our Christmas 2021

A glimpse into a bit of our Christmas!

2022…A better year coming.

After a LONG break from my blog, back to sharing “My Moments in Time” which is my new theme of my blog

Will share in my next post Holiday photos and new goals for the new year.

Sharing two photos: We have had 3 days of snow in Michigan! Actually the snow is quite beautiful on the trees!

Morning Snow
Snow in our backyard.